Raising PRAnA

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Is this that psychedelic yoga store you've always dreamed of?

Oh, you better believe it is! & so much more. You just stumbled upon a beautiful community of prana warriors! Join us in our mission of shattering society's expectations of what "dress code" should look like. Life is too short to be spent catering to other's expectations for fear of judgement. I say let them judge away, but never let them dim your eternal glow! Self expression is crucial to fully living in your highest self. People can think what they like, but we both know that they're never going to be an awesome as you! Right? That's right.

Raise that prana, baby

There's a new yoga mat in town, buddy, and you best believe it is EPIC!

We've got intricate designs.

We have custom high definition, crisp, clear art from talented artists around the world.

We're high on durable & sustainable materials.

Get ready to feel that prana pumpin' with your beautiful new yoga mat!

Your yoga mats are sustainably made from natural tree rubber harvested in Vietnam. The mats are then proudly printed in the USA. 🇺🇸

Raising that sweet ass prana, baby!

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