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Can Your Thoughts Alter Your DNA?

       Has anyone ever told you that you could think yourself to death? I bet someone at one point has warned you of the power of negative thoughts and how even just thinking you're sick can put your body into a state of disease (dis-ease). However, you might be wondering if there is actually any science to support this notion. The answer in short is yes, your thoughts have a direct impact on your biology. There is an emerging field of science called epigenetics which basically proves what all the gurus and hippies have been saying about the power of intent, thoughts and emotions for hundreds of years. See it's not only our thoughts, but the power -...

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5 ways to easily raise your prana

  1. Morning meditation/hydration    Everything is energy and vibration. During the first 5 to 10 minutes of waking up your brain begins to shift from Delta and Theta waves (Subconscious brainwaves which stimulate relaxation) to Alpha waves, an in-between brainwave known as the "frequency bridge". These Alpha waves promote feelings of deeper relaxation and contentment.  Alpha waves are found during the first few moments of waking up. Ride these Alpha waves as long as you can as this is the time where your conscious mind has the most influence on your subconscious mind. Set the tone for the day. Go over what your day will be like. Visualize goals, dreams, and ambitions coming to life. See yourself in the life you...

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