5 ways to easily raise your prana - Raising Prana

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5 ways to easily raise your prana

5 ways to easily raise your prana


1. Morning meditation/hydration

   Everything is energy and vibration. During the first 5 to 10 minutes of waking up your brain begins to shift from Delta and Theta waves (Subconscious brainwaves which stimulate relaxation) to Alpha waves, an in-between brainwave known as the "frequency bridge". These Alpha waves promote feelings of deeper relaxation and contentment.  Alpha waves are found during the first few moments of waking up. Ride these Alpha waves as long as you can as this is the time where your conscious mind has the most influence on your subconscious mind. Set the tone for the day. Go over what your day will be like. Visualize goals, dreams, and ambitions coming to life. See yourself in the life you want. This part is extremely important. FEEL the feeling of already having that life you want. You already have 100 grand in the bank. You already have a submarine that you can explore the ocean with (or whatever else would make you happy). Whatever you want in life you already have. 



   I recommend having a reusable bottle of water by your bedside table so when you wake up you can have a nice refreshing drink which will activate your digestive system. Use this time to meditate, perhaps you'd like to grab your favorite crystal to help guide and cleanse your energy. Set the tone for the day, and go over some mantras such as "I am abundance", "I embody love", "Today will be a day of opportunity, spiritual growth and happiness". Avoid terms such as "I wish" or "I hope" & replace them with "I will" or "I know".  This will train your subconscious mind to look out for any opportunity that comes your way. You'll find on the days that you do this you feel much more at peace and that things don't seem to bother you as much as they used to. 


2. Daily walks

   Once you're done your meditation get up, stretch, fill your lungs with air and suit up for a beautiful morning walk. Run over in your mind all the little things most take for granted that you are thankful for. For example, when I go for my walks I'm thinking about how amazing it feels to have fresh air in my lungs, the ability to walk with both legs functioning properly, how grateful I am for the amazing friends and family who surround me and how I have access to clean water. So many little things will come to mind which you normally might never think of. Practicing this level of gratitude will slowly start to change your life. Your life will soon fill with much more abundance and you will become more radiant, happy and carefree as you begin to focus on the positives in your life. 


3. positive music and dancing

   There's a lot to be said for the power of different vibrations and how they impact you on different levels. Make sure that the music you're listening to is positive and helps to lift your mood. Dancing has many benefits and you don't have to be a professional dancer by any means. Just let yourself be silly! Being silly is our natural state and moving our body in any rhythmical helps to release pent up energies, make you feel more confident and grounded and allows you to move more into your body, meaning you're more conscious and connected to your body. So go blast your tunes and let the sillies out!! 

4. Health is wealth

It can't be overstated how closely connected our physical health is to our emotional and mental health. You absolutely must keep physically active as much as possible. Taking care of yourself physically is essential to making sure you're healthy emotionally and mentally. Also, drink water and eat food which makes your body more alkaline. Acidic foods and drinks such as soda and greasy burgers wreak havoc on your body. My go to in the morning is to cut up a lemon and cucumber and leave them in my stainless steel water bottle all day. This is such a healthy, refreshing drink and I strongly recommend you all to try it. 

5. Set your vibe right

It is so easy to lose alignment with our dreams and our goals in life. It's so easy to just slip away into our comfort zones and just stay there. But nothing great was ever accomplished by staying home and watching re runes of your favorite T.V shows! It's good to have balance in life and to have times of deep rest. But it is an absolute must to get yourself back on track and focused on your spiritual path, a path which is all too easy to stray from. Remind yourself how beautiful life truly can be and strive to reflect that beauty in your words, actions and the way you affect others around you. 



   I hope this little article helps you to stay motivated on your journey through life. Until next time, peace, love, and namaste. 













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