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Can Your Thoughts Alter Your DNA?

Can Your Thoughts Alter Your DNA?

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   Has anyone ever told you that you could think yourself to death? I bet someone at one point has warned you of the power of negative thoughts and how even just thinking you're sick can put your body into a state of disease (dis-ease). However, you might be wondering if there is actually any science to support this notion. The answer in short is yes, your thoughts have a direct impact on your biology. There is an emerging field of science called epigenetics which basically proves what all the gurus and hippies have been saying about the power of intent, thoughts and emotions for hundreds of years. See it's not only our thoughts, but the power - the energy we allow ourselves to give to our thoughts. 



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     Epigenetics studies heritable changes caused by the activation and deactivation of genes without any changes in the underlying DNA. Can your thoughts and emotion (energy in motion) be used to activate or deactivate certain genes? This is one of the biggest questions that epigenetics strives to find an answer to. The word epigenetics originated from Greece and literally means over and above (epi) the genome. This is the study of gene expression and how your cells can literally change the way that they read genes. Fascinating, right? 


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   So we can change how our cells read our genes for better or worse it's literally up to us and how we have manage our thoughts and emotions. So can we think ourselves sick? An emerging body of evidence suggests we can, this is called the nocebo effect. Many of us know of the placebo effect and how it demonstrates the mind's ability to heal the body simply by fully believing whatever physical ailment has been cured. The nocebo effect as you may have already guessed by now is the understanding of how negative beliefs and emotions (like being told you have a certain disease) can actually make you start to manifest symptoms of said disease. There have been many nurses & doctors who've seen a patient walk in one day healthy as a horse, get diagnosed with cancer, and then die a few days after. Are these examples of the nocebo effect or mere coincidences? Many nurses and doctors believe the latter. 


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   We are multidimensional beings living a human experience and consciousness if trained and used in the right ways can have perceptibly magical effects. We have the ability to heal ourselves using our mind and vice versa. This has been known by Chi & prana masters throughout the ages. Science and western medicine is only just beginning to catch up to this idea. Epigenetics shows us that that our perceptions, thoughts and emotions controls your biology which in turn places you in the driver's seat of your own health. By simply changing our thoughts and the power we give to them we can influence and shape the way our cells read our genes. 


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   You know that when you work out you feel much better mentally throughout the day. Your system is full of endorphins after a good exercise and clear of any free radicals that build up after periods of staying still too long. We've always known that good physical health is tantamount to having good mental health. But not very many understand the importance of mental health when it relates to physical health. How western medicine has failed to investigate this area of health for so many years should be a crime. However, this is not the fault of hard working nurses, doctors and virologists. This issue stems from the top down and how governing bodies such as the Rockefeller academy of medicine have been hiding real cures, silencing those who speak of them, and pedaling p(harm)aceuticals which only work to suppress the symptoms while never actually curing any disease but making it so that expression of disease comes back with a vengeance in another way. They then tryb to sell you another drug to suppress those new symptoms. It's a trillion dollar industry that they can't afford to end, filling coffins with dollars. It's sad and I could write a novel about it. But this article is about the power of thoughts and the impact they have on our biology, so I'll have to go more in depth on this appalling injustice in another article.  

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   Suppression may work in the short term to alleviate the symptoms but will have devastating long-term consequences. Sickness has always been viewed as a negative thing that happens to people. However, sickness when expressed properly is an essential part of a healthy body getting rid of toxins. Symptoms of sickness are the results of your body healing itself. If your body wasn't actively healing and removing toxins you wouldn't have any symptoms of being sick. Much like when you get a scrape and it stings / feels itchy you know this is the feeling of your body healing itself at the cellular level. Would you ask for prescription drugs to take away the unpleasant sensations of healing, or just allow and aid your body to heal itself with good nutrition, diet, exercise and keeping the wound clean? Unfortunately when the body is healing itself of a disease which you cannot see the cause of some doctors will try and convince you to take a medicine that will suppress and prevent real healing. Could you imagine taking a medicine that stopped a scratch from healing so you don't have to feel the sting? You'd feel fine but you would never stop bleeding and eventually the wound would become so infected you'd need another medication to combat that. This is exactly what's happening. We need to put the reins of our health back in our hands. We need to awaken from our deep slumber and understand how powerful our own consciousness truly is.


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    Remember to raise your prana, raise the vibration, raise the frequency and smile always, even through the rain. Keep your emotions (energy in motion) in check and don't dwell on the negatives as you are literally alters how your cell's read your genetic code! Love always and don't stress - express! You have guardian angels / metaphysical beings on your side, baby. You got this!  Spread the love and positivity and share this with any souls you feel should read this.






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