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Healing the auric field with healing crystals

Healing the auric field with healing crystals



   All that you touch and all that you see is comprised of energy. Everything from matter to rays of light share different vibrational frequencies. Crystals vibrate at different vibrational frequencies based on size, thickness, and color (light frequency). To find the right crystals for you means learning which stones resonate at the correct frequency for what you are trying to achieve.

Being healthy starts at an energetic level. Every living being on earth emits a field of energy known as your Auric field or your aura.  



   Crystals work on an energetic level to help you gently cleanse your subtle body (aura), and bring balance to your energy centers (chakras).  Crystals vibrate at different, healing frequencies. Every crystal has it's own unique healing properties.


aligning your frequency

   Sit somewhere, in a comfortable space and begin to meditate on your crystal. open yourself up to the healing energy and look into your crystal for 3 to 5 minutes. You will begin to align your vibration with the frequency of your crystal. Over time you will begin to grow more sentient in feeling the energies of different crystals. Other psychic abilities within you awaken as you embark on your spiritual path of healing crystals. 

   Make sure to cleanse your crystals. Like you and I, crystals can absorb negative energies. Your crystals need to be cleansed and recharged in the moonlight. Some people put their crystals in a bowl of salt water overnight, whilst in the light of the moon. The sunlight will also cleanse your crystals.   


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