EMF Protection

Peer reviewed and published science:

   The electrical power institute measured a single single Itron smart meter with pulses up to 7.93 (MW/cm2) when standing 1 foot away from the meter.

   A room full of smart meters in an apartment building tested at 19.8 (MW/cm2) 

Health effects:

    - Short term exposures at 0.05 (MW/cm2) children will experience head aches, irritation, concentration difficulties, and behavioral changes. 

    - 0.1 (MW/cm2) is the German baubiologie or building biology guideline for EXTREME concern.  

    - Lap top WiFi: 1.0 (MW/cm2) children and adults will experience headaches, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and indigestion. 

    - 2.5 (MW/cm2) saw altered calcium metabolism in heart muscle cells.

    - 4.0 (MW/cm2) Changes in the hippocampus affecting brain memory and learning.

    - At 6.0 (MW/cm2) DNA damage in cells will occur.


So how can utilities and government get away with forcing these devices on us? 

The answer is simple; in Canada and the US the safety limit is set at 600-1000 micro watts per centimeter squared. 

Watch this video for more info: https://bit.ly/2Fhofrp 

Material: 100% silver fibres 

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