About us



   Prana is Sanskrit for breathe, or vital live force. It is the innate energy connecting all life. My goal with this brand is to enrich your life style, spread good vibrations and raise that good ass prana all over the world. So I partnered with artist's I met through on instagram to enrich people's lives with beautiful, psychedelic, artwork while giving them a way to make money with their art. 

  Find a piece you love and support the artist by buying a product with one of their designs. Feel free to message us on Facebook or Instagram if you have any special requests. Every single piece is one-of-a-kind and created exclusively for Raising PRAnA. We have only one goal in mind, to help raise the prana within the collective. This company operates solely out of love.




Christine Paris



Christine Paris, B.A., B.Ed., M.A. is an artist who believes that art is healing, art is spirituality, art brings peace and serenity. She often infuses her art with reiki healing, adds Healing words and oils into the paintings and uses each piece of art as a creative meditation bringing peace. You can check out her art and writing by liking Serenity song Designs on Facebook.



Guifré Urgell Tasies, owner of Yantrart Design Studio started his journey in 2016,

when he decided that drawing was what he wanted to do. He is an interior designer and a self-taught illustrator. Mixing both professions is the best way for him to apply his drawing into spaces, creating nice vibes and a special mood inside! His is also a tattoo apprentice, and hopes to become a tattoo artist soon! He is specialized in geometry and mandalas! He loves to draw, design and make people happy using the representation! He takes a lot of time drawing and designing to reach his own style, a style that is meant to be different and unique!


Instagram: @Eva_drawsmono

Eva specializes in creating illustrations of different characters such as what you see below. She is from the Netherlands & uses water-based paint as her favourite medium.   






I enjoy painting themes of space and sea, two vastly unexplored regions of mankind. Creating these scenes, along with multidimensional dream worlds, has become a tool for me to navigate and process my thoughts as i delve into the depths of my own consciousness. It has provided catharsis in the sometimes painful process of illuminating the dark corners of myself while also helping me to live in the present moment. It is my goal to inspire others, and to encourage them to question their realities by exploring beyond their own perceptions of day to day life.


   Born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, Jacki first became interested in art at a very young age after watching her mother doodle a woman's portrait. Later influences of Lisa Frank, Bob Ross, Alex Grey, and Jay Jacobs would help shape the work she creates today. It has since become her goal to plant seeds of creativity in hopes that others may find solace in the wonderful worlds of their own imagination.    


Raising PRAnA's story

   Hello, dearest website visitor. My name is Adam LeCraw & I am the founder of what you see before you. As a singer songwriter, myself, I am very free-spirited and like to explore, adventure and travel. Unfortunately, conventional means of making money are lame sauce. So, I decided to create something which would have a positive impact on people's lives from around the world. The name Raising Prana just sort of came to me one day and I knew it had to be the name of a store. Alas we have arrived, with vibrant, beautiful designs and high quality apparel. This business is a sole proprietorship, but it would not be possible without the beautiful souls I have found on social media who decided to collaborate with me on this. I love you guys!